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Chordant Collaborates with Definition Networks to Deliver Value Added IoT Features for Mobile Network Operators


Chordant today announced an integration with the Boston-based company Definition Networks, where the two companies will jointly offer their technologies to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Chordant’s oneM2M based service capability server (SCS) will be integrated with the service capability exposure function (SCEF) from Definition Networks and offered to MNOs. This solution is particularly well-suited for Low Power Wide Area Networks and especially those using NB-IoT protocols.

“Definition Networks is leading the pack in SCEF implementations driving the next generation of 3GPP architectures,” said Mika Rasinkangas, president of Chordant. “We’re delighted to combine our solutions with their technology to help provide value-added services to network operators as they look toward the 5G future where the complexities of provisioning massive IoT networks will need to be addressed.”

The Chordant SCS offers value added services on top of 3GPP’s Release 15 SCEF API. SCEF API provides an interface that exposes MNO’s core network capabilities and offers IoT solution providers greater control over their cellular based service deployments. These capabilities include improved visibility of devices, control of power management functions power savings mode, scheduling, and Quality of Service (QoS). “The continued evolution of the SCEF within the 3GPP standards for IoT offers MNOs opportunities for revenue growth,” said Vijay Kathuria, President of Definition Networks. “The key to this new revenue growth is to define a “Service Core” that includes the SCEF, SCS and other elements that facilitate creation of new services and generate new revenues for the Operator.”

SCEF was added as a core network node in 3GPP Release 13. SCEF API allows third-party IoT service operators to securely manage their core network services on a 3GPP network without forcing the network operator to grant total access to other core network services. It allows them to have and manage the appropriate connections to subscriber server modules, policy and rules functions, and mobility management. These APIs allow better access to 3GPP network capabilities, more efficient configuration and better coordination of network activities. They also allow the IoT servers to send small data packets via the control plane, which simplifies and improves overall network radio utilization.

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Headquartered in Boston, Definition Networks is an early stage telecom technology company with a seasoned team that has been working together for 10+ years. Definition Networks is focused on generating new revenues for Operators and helping them reduce OPEX and CAPEX. Definition Networks engineers and markets advanced mobile network infrastructure solutions that provide the foundation to realize the vision of billions of connected devices for IoT over cellular networks. For more information please visit 

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