Managing Services

Operators typically expose different APIs from different platforms for their Enterprise customers. Definition Networks offers its API-MSR Application within the DN Service Core for improved efficiency.

The API-MSR Application performs API Management, Services and Routing. Complete API Management enables us to serve as the entry point for all API access to the Operator’s network, with centralized policy and SLA enforcement, along with API usage billing. API Services and Routing enable APIs to be reformatted (aka, “mediated”) and redirected to particular service nodes, without impact to the Enterprises that invoke the APIs.

Our API mediation capabilities are not limited to syntax mediation, which is mapping of various parameters in an API, but also include semantic mediation, which can deal with differences in API design. For example, by utilizing API-MSR capabilities, it is possible to perform mediation between non-RESTful APIs and RESTful APIs.

With API routing capabilities, the destination network for the API is determined. Multiple methods are supported for network identification such as HLR lookup, local configuration, et cetera. Based on the destination network, API mediation is performed to convert the API to the format required by the destination. Also, security policies applicable for that network are enforced.

Below, we illustrate how new or improved services can be rapidly deployed, by leveraging the API-MSR Application within our DN Service Core.

Above shows how a new service instance can be easily added by the Operator. The Operator uses the DN Service Core to route specific Enterprises to use the new service instance, and we automatically convert the original APIs for the service to use the format required by the new service instance.