New Revenue Streams

We enable multiple new revenue streams for the Operator. We briefly describe the following.

  • API Aggregation Service
  • FOTA Download Application
  • Location-Based Messaging Application

API Aggregation Service and API-MSR Application

The API Aggregation Service utilizes our API-MSR Application (described in our Managing Services solution) to create new revenue streams. We combine these two ideas into our solution: (1) Any API and (2) Any UE, Any Network.

The “Any API” idea is purposed to enable applications to be easy to create and maintain. Applications should not be tied to APIs of a particular Operator. There may be devices subscribed to different Operators, and applications certainly don’t want the complexity of using multiple different APIs, and referencing a device database to learn the necessary API format of each Operator. The convenience of a single connection for any API or API format regardless of final destination, entices Enterprises to use the Operator’s solution.

Also, applications should be allowed to use their existing APIs, without modification.

Our second idea is “Any UE, Any Network”. Why should the Operator get API usage revenue for APIs to only the Operator’s subscribed UEs? Instead, the Operator can charge for APIs for any UE (subscribed to the Operator, or subscribed to other PLMNs), and the UEs can be on any network (the Operator’s network, or any roaming partner’s network).

In the diagram below, we illustrate our API Aggregation Service.

As illustrated, our DN Service Core allows Enterprises to continue to use their existing APIs. It enables the Operator to have centralized API policies and enforcement. And can use its connections to reach any network, and any device.

While a 3GPP standard SCEF may provide access to the few UEs illustrated in light blue, our DN Service Core enables access to many more devices (e.g., those illustrated in dark blue). Now the Operator can get revenue for API usage that targets any UE on any network.

FOTA Download Application

Our FOTA Download Application is described in our Congestion Avoidance solution. Exposing APIs to the Enterprise can be offered as a billable service to make FOTA downloads more reliable for the Enterprise. All downloads are not equally time-sensitive. Enterprises will perceive a value for being able to specify that a download is critical and should be delivered more quickly by the network. If an expedited QoS is requested, we adjust the rates of all downloads that are to the same location, so that the download with the expedited QoS request is accelerated. Our FOTA Download Application allows different pricing tiers for different QoS.

Location-Based Messaging Application

Our Location-Based Messaging Application is another example of a new revenue-generating opportunity for the Operator. The Application uses the 3GPP standard interfaces within the Operator’s network, to determine the number of devices in a particular location, and the ability to deliver messages to a specified group of devices in that particular location.

An API is offered to Enterprise applications that specifies the group identifier (of the group of devices) and the location. Our Application authorizes the request and delivers the supplied message via MT SMS to each of the devices. By using MT SMS, no special App is needed on the devices. Notification is provided to the Application Server, while our Application creates a billing record so the Enterprise can be charged for usage of the service.